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Brandon Townsend, Wellness Advisor

"My introduction into an industry near and dear to my heart has been rocky at best and now I have a chance to take control. To be able to elevate not only me but also my peers to a position we can be proud of. This will give us a chance to negotiate terms that could transform this from an overly demanding job into a fulfilling career. I'm looking forward to equal compensation for the hard work and dedication we put in every day and the chance to have a voice in an environment where you are usually voiceless."

Read my entire story below.

My Story - Brandon Townsend

We have been united by a single goal. Though we all come from different backgrounds our paths have crossed due to a unified love for cannabis. Every one of us is with Sunnyside* because we believe we can help people through the power of this plant.

I come from a mixed family directly affected by the war on drugs and I learned very early that we are not all granted the same opportunities. But now we have a chance to stand up and make our own opportunities. I am extremely grateful that I get to work in an industry where I have a hand in actively changing the view of cannabis. But I have had enough of being taken advantage of by the giant called Cresco. How can we let those who have never worn our shoes, pick our socks?

You have hopefully read Avery’s story and are hearing from some of us in person. It’s clear to see that we have been undervalued and overextended by Cresco. We cannot deny that Cresco has transformed the patient experience and improved efficiency.  But in their quest for higher revenues, they have disregarded our well-being. We put forth everything we have every day to ensure our patients receive the best care and most accurate information. Though Cresco sees sales records broken week after week, they have failed to see the toll it's taken on us. We are asking for things that we believe we deserve for providing our patients with the best care. To be provided with a livable wage and a fair schedule that we can plan our lives around just for a start. 

This is just the beginning. I hope that we can make way for others who feel that they have given all of themselves to this program and their companies. We deal with so much from our state just to be able to have a medical program. We shouldn't have to beg a giant company, who claims to be on our side, to listen to us. For most of us, this is not just a job - it is a profession. We give everything we can day in and day out. We are standing together in hopes that we can get something back.

I hope that you can stand in Solidarity* with us as we continue to break sales records and shed light on what should be a dream job.  Vote YES when you get your ballot in the mail in January.

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