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Our Union

Sunnyside* Workers Unite


Avery Anderson

Lead Wellness Advisor

"The fact that scheduling is unpredictable is what made me want to join the union. This is a career for some of us and it just feels like a job. I want to be able have them freedom to schedule my career around my life not my life around my career. Not only for myself but for my wife and children as well."

Megan Fisher

Wellness Advisor

"I wanted to join the union because in an industry that’s rapidly growing- I want us as employees to be able to negotiate our working conditions. We are undervalued by Cresco. There are small changes implemented weekly in our store to accommodate getting more patients in the door- but nothing for the employees taking on the load and striving to break records every single week."


Brandon Townsend

Wellness Advisor

"My introduction into an industry near and dear to my heart has been rocky at best and now I have a chance to take control. To be able to elevate not only me but also my peers to a position we can be proud of. This will give us a chance to negotiate terms that could transform this from an overly demanding job into a fulfilling career. I'm looking forward to equal compensation for the hard work and dedication we put in every day and the chance to have a voice in an environment where you are usually voiceless."

Adrianna Sartori

Wellness Advisor

"I wanted to join the union because I didn’t want to hate the industry I worked in. I worked in an industry before and got burnt out and now I will never be able to work for a salon again mentally. I do not want this industry to leave that same taste in my mouth. I want everyone around me and myself to be happy and treated fairly."

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